Katie Gleason

To make a long story short…I have been working hard on living the healthiest lifestyle I can since having my girls. It has not been an easy journey but I have been trying many new things. One that I tried today was an Ionic Foot Detox at BodyVitality Center. It...

Jessie Halftown

I had the Detoxing Foot Spa Treatment — it was awesome! Thank you.

Michele Hoffman

The Ionic Detoxing Foot Spa is a must do!! This treatment is fantastic! The detoxing foot therapy makes you feel great! More energy, less pain, reduced inflammation!! I highly recommend!

‎Tracy Lentz‎

Had my second foot detox Friday and I can’t imagine why I feel so much better! Was obviously tired and rundown for a reason! Thanks Betsy for squeezing me in!

Melissa Kurowski‎

Thanks again for the awesome appointment yesterday! I had the Ionic foot detox session and I can’t believe how much better I felt today! It also helped me get a good night’s rest! I will definitely be back for more! Thanks again!!!