Melissa Kurowski‎

I am loving this tan and had great experience using the sunless tanning machine! This place is truly amazing with all of the services offered and the benefit of being located here in Olean NY!!! I will definitely be back to try more of the services that you...

Jen Lyons

Thanks for another fabulous tan Betsy! Very even and natural. Can’t wait to come back! Thanks! I love it!

Renée Williams

So I went and got my sunless (spray) tan on today. I love it ! The color is a nice bronze. No signs at all of Oompa or Loompa. Airbrush effect with No streaks or patches. It smelled so good as it was going on and the facility is so beautiful. Can’t wait to try out...

Ink Young

There is a new sunless tanning in town!!! WOOT! I have had spray tans for a long time and in many different places and this place is AMAZING. The service includes anti-aging and hydrating for your skin and my spray tan today took max. 10 minutes from the start to...

Alicia Boser‎

The spray tan was the absolute BEST spray tan I have ever gotten. It looked super natural. Best experience I’ve ever had with one!