‎Donna Knepp
When I first saw the post about this laser lipo on my page, I was very skeptical and thought...there is no way that this could work like that, but..I dug into info on it plus it was FDA approved so I decided to do it. I am so very pleased with this. I ended up losing over 15 inches total in 5 spots. 3 on my stomach and 2 on my thighs. I am now wearing shorts that a month ago I could not get into. I live 2 hours away from Olean but I made 3 trips a week to do this. Had I felt it wasn't working do you really think I would have kept going? If you are like I was and really want to try it but are a little nervous about it, take it from me or better yet do what I did and check it out on you tube and other web pages then make your decision. Elizabeth is a wonderful person and makes everyone feel very comfortable while she works with you. I will do it again if necessary! Of course no matter what diet you do, you must also maintain a healthy diet afterwards or it like all others will not work. It is definitely well worth every penny!