A Laser Lipo procedure gives you the results you want to see physically without dieting, pills or surgery. Sessions take place three times a week for 21 to 42 minutes each time. Clients typically lose 3-6+ inches in just one week. Continued treatments will provide a significant loss in inches. That’s an incredible difference in how you’ll look and feel.

The benefits of Laser Lipo include:

  • You’ll feel better about the way you’ll look. Your body will look different after completing the procedure. You’ll see a noticeable difference in the amount of inches that you’ve lost. Best of all, you won’t be forced to diet or exercise to extremes to achieve similar results.
  • Your clothes will fit better. After shedding inches, you’ll be able to wear your favorite outfits with ease. You’ll no longer experience tight waistbands, broken zippers or busted buttons because your clothes fit better. You’ll be able to shop with ease wherever you go.
  • You’ll have more options because you’ll have more to wear. Shop anywhere you want for the types of clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Wear clothing that makes you feel like you. You’ll let your personality show through your selection of attire.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day. Sessions are quick and easy. Although you’ll have a few appointments scheduled throughout the week, you’ll only give up a few minutes of your day to have them done. With such remarkable results, how can you argue with that logic?

Knowing what to expect from Laser Lipo lets you better prepare yourself for your treatments. Take time getting acquainted with BodyVitality Center’s procedures and say goodbye to stubborn cellulite once and for all. A non-invasive treatment is ideal because it doesn’t require anesthesia or recovery time. You get in and get out in less time than it takes to get home in heavy traffic.