If the look of sun-kissed skin appeals to you, why not get tan without subjecting yourself to harmful UV rays? The VersaSpa Sunless Skin Care System gives you a golden glow within minutes. Best of all, it’s not messy or streaky the way self-tanning products are. Your skin looks natural and radiant, the way it does after spending time at the pool, lake or beach.

There are a number of benefits to sunless tanning including how fast and easy the process is. There is a voice automated system that tells you what to expect during the treatment that serves as your guide. That, and the open air design, maximizes comfortability so you’re happy throughout your session.

An air purification system makes it easy to breathe during your tanning session and you don’t need a towel to dry off because you’re already dry when you exit the booth. Simply get dressed and be ready to go to your next destination. You’ll be ready to leave in a matter of no time.

If you want to target one area of the body, that’s ok, too. There are face only and legs only treatments as well as full body treatments. Our skincare products have vitamins and minerals in them that help you maintain your glow.

Before you go on vacation, celebrate a night on the town or head out with friends to the beach, give sunless tanning a try. It takes a matter of minutes to achieve a sunless tan, and it enhances the way that you look year round. Feel confident about yourself this year by visiting BodyVitality Center for your sunless tanning needs.

There are a number of benefits of a sunless tan. See for yourself why people come back to us every time they want to have a nice, even glow to their skin. Schedule an appointment with us right away.